The Fatorda Salesian Society is a registered Society in the State of Goa. We are part of the World wide society of DON BOSCO with our branches in over 100 countries in the world. Our head office is situated in Rome. In India we have over five hundred institutes engaged in the education of the Young. Our Regional office is set up at Odxel, near Goa University campus. Our Focus is in the Education of the Young. The Institution has been established and is administered by the Salesians of Don Bosco and it is open to all the Youth, irrespective of caste or creed.

Details of its Promoters including their background
In 1971, on account of the complexity of works, the Technical Section of Panjim was shifted to Fatorda. This shift also marked the Silver Jubilee of the arrival of the Salesian in Goa. Fr. Henry Torra, a Spaniard, was entrusted with the supervision of the construction of buildings and starting of the project. The purpose of the Don Bosco Technical School was to train the boys who were unable to complete their education.
The Institute commenced its activities on July 16, 1973, offering non formal training in the trades of the Fitter, Machinist, Welder, Electrician and Motor Mechanic. It received a very encouraging response and the needs kept growing, such that in August 1983, the National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT), Government of India recognized it as an Industrial Training Institute (ITI). In August 1992, in view of the pressing demands and rapidly evolving industrial requirements, the Electronic Mechanic and Computer Non Formal course were launched.
The Aim of the Institution is to provide the Young, especially those who are poor, with a social, moral and good technical education so as to form them into upright citizens able to fulfill their obligation towards God, family and country.

Activities of the Promoting Body including a list of major Educational Promotion activities undertaken in the past.

In India, the Salesians of Don Bosco began their operations way back in 1906. From a small beginning with a Trade School and Hostel for poor children at Thanjavoor, Tamil Nadu. The Society today has over 3000 members. Its services are offered through 28 colleges, which include 2 Engineering colleges, over 100 Technical schools, a large network of High Schools and scores of Non-Formal Technical and Agricultural Centres, spread across the country, covering the entire spectrum of Social Development. The Society is also involved in Literacy Centres, Shelters for street children and Rehabilitation and Relief operations.The Government of India has recognized the Salesians of Don Bosco as the largest Non- Governmental Provider of Technical Education in the country.
The Salesians have their own University in Guwahati in the North East India. The Salesians of Don Bosco in India have spread out their work into ten regions called Provinces. One such region is the Panjim-Konkan with its headquarters at Odxel (combining parts of Goa, part of Karnataka and Maharashtra).